Fund Raisers!!

Chicken & Dumpling Dinners!

First Fiday of the month (usually)- September thru December, BREAK FOR JANUARY, then February thru May. We take a big break during the summer months of June, July, and August. Check on here or look for the yellow signs on the road to know which Friday that it is taking place this month. 

Our prices are $12 for a adult meal or $6 for a small/ child's meal and $3 for added desserts.

For now we are Drive-Thru Only! But when we stop that you can join us inside to eat and have fellowship face-to-face instead of drive-by.

Asking what's in the dinner?  Well here you go! 

This is what is in each plate, only difference is half serving for small plate.

Chicken on top of Dumplings~hand-pulled chicken placed on hand-rolled dumplings, separate so you can choose!

Sweet Potatoes~side, candied

Green Beans~side, spruced up and good!

Slaw~2oz container, mayo based and made from scratch

Applesauce~2oz container, sweetened and cinnamoned...

Also your choice of a homemade dessert- We have members who bring flavored poundcakes, brownies, and sometimes cookies or other treats. 

Maidens & Matrons

PARK AVENUE WILL BE COLLECTING ladies personal items for the Maidens and Matrons Boutique ministry at Freedom Christian Center in Mooresville. This will be an ongoing Outreach ministry of the church. Each month we will be collecting NEW Bras, Panties (any size) and feminine hygiene products. Please have your items at Park Avenue by the 2nd Sunday so they can be delivered to Freedom before the 3rd Saturday shopping day. 


HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE OF IREDELL COUNTY is asking for handmade afghan or quilt donations. They honor our veteran patients with a ceremony in which they receive recognition and appreciation for their service.

Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell honors our veteran patients with a ceremony in which they receive recognition and appreciation for their service. During this ceremony the patient receives a handmade afghan or quilt. These are typically lap-sized, and are made of red, white and blue materials or yarn. 

We are currently running very low on the patriotic colored blankets and quilts that we give during these ceremonies. We are in search of sewers and creative souls that would be willing to use their stitchery skills to help us fill this need. 

Each blanket that is created means another veteran has the gift of handmade warmth and comfort that later becomes an heirloom for their family to treasure. 

Rada Knives & Utensils

Need a gift? Or just new knives at home? We sell Rada Knives! We can special order and even order to send them right to your door. Help us help you! This is a fund raiser we do year round, so let us know if there is anything you need anytime. We have some at the church ready for you but if you are looking for something we don't have, want to wait, or directly shipped to you then click HERE to directly order from Rada and still support us!

Happy Home Flavorings

For any type of baking or cooking! Many flavors and even food coloring available. Want to bake a dessert for Chicken and Dumpling Dinner to help out? Please and thank you! Year round cooking/baking ingredient. We do keep some on hand just in case so come by and check this out.